Silk fabrics care suggestions.

Rough hands or rough surfaces can can fray fine silks

Keep Silk Fabrics away from direct sunlight

Keep Silk Fabrics away from heat sources

Remove insert before cleaning

Dry cleaning is best

If your pillow has applique or embroidery, it should be dry cleaned by a professional

If the item does not have embroidered or applique embellishments it may be hand wash with a mild silk detergent

Only use cold water

Do not dry by wringing you may roll in a dry towel to get rid of excess water

You may use a washer with a silk or cold water gentle setting

If you do use a washing machine, be sure to place the item inside of another pillow case and close. This prevents the fine silk threads from being damage by other fabrics

It is always best to air dry by hanging indoors away from direct sunlight

You may air tumble dry with NO heat in the dryer, as before put case in another case for protection.

If you use an iron use only on cool silk setting. Iron from the opposite side. Lightly mist water where you iron and place another fabric between iron and silk. Do not over water. A steam iron tends to drip and should be avoided.

Proper care lengthens the life of you silks

Wool Pillow Care Suggestions.

Wool pillows should be dry cleaned only. Let a professional advise on the best cleaning and drying technique.